(as fundamentais)

they only want you when you're 17
when you're 21
you're no fun
they take a polaroid and let you go
say they'll let you know
so come on
ladytron - seventeen
(se eu publicar meu segundo livro antes do próximo aniversário, posto essa aí de novo)

In the city your footsteps float in the air
in the city at night there's no one else there
saint etienne- we're in the city
(se você viu "but i'm a cheerleader" e gosta de eletro)

stones and flowers in the ground
we are lost and found
but love is gonna save us
shadows walking on the crowd
we are lost and found
but love is gonna save us
benny benassi - love is gonna save us
(a letra não dá a verdadeira dimensão da grandiosidade desta. se você gosta de clarice lispector e eletro, faça-se o favor de ouvir)

Baby's on fire
Better throw her in the water
the venus in furs - baby's on fire

la... la...... la... la... lalala
marilyn manson as christine - the la la song

marilyn manson - little horn

(as tolas)

stacey q - 2 of hearts (anos 80 total)
benny benassi - i love my sex
benny benassi - change style
wÿlde ratz - tv eye